Monday, December 5, 2016

Review of an Interactive Project I Like, Due December 6th - LATE-ish Because It Wasn't Done Before Class

I wasn't quite sure where to look when I saw the assignment was to review an interactive work I liked. I google searched it, and I found a website that not only did I want to review, but that really appeals to me in general. 

Here is the link to the site: Neave Interactive 

One of the things I really thought about when we created our interactive projects in class was, "What is the point of what I am making?" Sure, there are artworks whose only function is to look cool. The museum is full of them. But interactive web designs are so common, that we have to weed through them to just keep the best of the best. On my iPhone, I have three pages of apps, but the only ones I really use are Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram. What makes those apps stand apart for me and for the millions of other people who use them? They have a purpose, they are easy to use, they provide something unique. 

Interactive web projects are different because they are not necessarily something that is intended for a person to use every single day. But the concepts are similar. Why am I making what I am making? What is the purpose? 

When I found Neave Interactive, I was very excited. The main page has a list of different projects and games I could play, many of which remind me of the types of things we were working with in P5*Js. For example, some of the projects, such as "Swarm", "Veronoi", and "Wobble", respond to the movements of my mouse. A click changes the colors of the project. "Wobble" has tons of color palates; I clicked at leas ten times and a palate was never repeated. "Bouncy Balls" responds to sound from your computer microphone. "Imagination" sends flashes of color from your mouse onto the screen. 

There are games on the site; classics such as "Tetris" and "Tic Tac Toe". But there were also useful, yet entertaining elements such as the "Planetarium" which takes your location and shows you the constellations in your night sky! "Lonely Tweets" is a constant feed which searches Twitter for tweets being posted which contain the word, "lonely", and scroll them on the screen with the Twitter user's profile pictures as the background of their tweets. 

I found this site to be so fun and entertaining for a few reasons. (1)The colors the artist chose are so vibrant and modern, it's really fun to look at. I really liked the options on the "Bouncy Balls" to change the balls to eyeballs or emojis. (2)There are so many options and layers to each option, and each one is so well done and mesmerizing. (3)Going back to my first point, there are things on this site which have purpose: 

  • I spent at least ten minutes playing Tetris, so the purpose of that was is it's entertaining!
  • "Constellations" is educational and informative to look at, and it's original. I have never seen an online planetarium before!
  • There is a WebCam toy which claims to have eighty filters to use on webcam pictures. That could be useful for taking selfies, and would be a lot of fun to play around with! 

Those purposes may sound a little silly, but the fact is the projects on this site were a lot of fun and made me want to revisit the site and explore further. If this was an app, I might just download it because I found it so intriguing. 

(As a side note, the artist who made this site is named Paul Neave and he lives in England. I looked over his blog, and it actually turns out he is an app developer...called it!) 

As I go back and make last minute tweaks on my previous projects and website for the final, Neave Interactive has given me a lot to think about; how appealing aesthetically is what I'm making to the viewer? How useful it is to them? How original is it? Is my project something they have seen before that should just be weeded out?  

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