Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Some Art of Mine | Art 2020

The other assignment we were given last class (besides listing the three artist websites we like) was to post some of our artwork.

Here are a couple of pictures of my favorite pieces of art I've made.

Blue Ceramic Heart | Spring 2015

Watercolor from a Photograph | July 2015

View From Outside My Room At Night in Graphite | Spring 2014

Elephant in Graphite | Date Forgotten

Sugar Skull in Colored Pencils | Fall 2015

Three Artist Websites I Like | ART 2020

1. Jaume Plensa | http://jaumeplensa.com 

To anyone who has ever walked through the outdoor sculpture garden at the Toledo Museum of Art, the name Jaume Plensa should at least spark a little twinge of familiarity. His sculptures are orderly and have a feeling of being simultaneously modern and classic. His artist website is the same way. I particularly like the grey backgrounds which are neutral and allow the photographs of his sculptures to stand out, while having an intentional and finished feeling. Sometimes, though not always, plain white backgrounds can feel unfinished or like an underdeveloped design, but the grey is a nice touch and it compliments the colors of the materials he works with. I also liked the navigation system at the top of the page. Every section of the site is organized, and easy to get to. It also functioned well on both my phone and my laptop. 

2. Henry Hargreaves | http://henryhargreaves.com 

I saw Henry's "No Seconds" photography a while ago, but this was the first time I have ever visited his website. I was impressed. His site is neutral enough to not distract from his work, but it has the vibrancy that is prevalent in his photography. The organization of his collections of photographs are easy to navigate, and clicking on the album brings the pictures up in a way that tells a story and draws the visitor in, unlike many other websites. I found myself clicking through many of the albums and becoming more and more interested in his work, which of course should be the goal of these websites. Also, the header with his name presented in different food pictures is very fitting with his photography's themes, and it changed when I reloaded the page which I thought was a cool detail!

Paul White's site is a good example of an artist's website which is simple and does not overwhelm the soft-colored drawings he creates. It is, once again, well organized and easy to navigate, and I especially like how clicking on a specific drawing enlarges it on a page with only his name and the year created above it. It is simple, could be similarly recreated easily, but gets the job done.