Monday, October 31, 2016

Website Link and Critique (LATE)

I finally got my website up and running!

For the first critique we had, the main critique I was given was that the white boxes around my link bar and my block for the text was not the same size. I ended up adjusting that and they now match. Interestingly enough, the size was consistent in the HTML (they were both set at 1000 pixels wide), but they were showing up as different widths. So, to fix the problem, I had to actually increase the width of the link bar.

The other critiques I was given were to consider changing the blue of the titles of the words I have on the page because they look like links, to left align text which is currently centered, and to make my blog open in a new tab. I have not adjusted those yet, but I plan to. I will most likely make the blue into more of a navy. As far as the centered text goes (which is on the music page), however, I may keep it centered because it is a title for the videos I have posted and I don't want to left align the videos. I will have to see how it looks to try and left align it, though.